Welcome to Spectrum Home Healthcare

Opening Hours : Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm & 24/7 On-call Services
  Contact : 480-429-2825

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do I Call with Questions and Concerns?

Call us any time at (480) 429-2825 and you will speak to our administrative assistant. She will promptly direct your concerns or questions to the appropriate person on our staff. We address every issue and concern with the utmost importance. Feel free to reach out to us via our web form found here on our contact page.

Do You Hold a “Meet-And-Greet” to Ensure the Caregiver is a Good Fit?

Yes, our director of nursing will first speak to the patient and family member on the phone. The family will be provided a series of compatibility questions for the Meet-and-Greet. After the initial home visit, we schedule in-person meetings with several nurses and the family to determine the best fit.

Is the Fee Schedule Based on the Ability to Pay? And is Financial Assistance Available?

Yes, our fee schedule is based on the patient’s financial situation. If the patient is unable to pay or is not covered by insurance, we work to help the family apply for long-term care.

How Are the Caregivers Screened, Hired and Trained?

Our nurses undergo an extensive hiring process, including the application process, interviews, background and licensure checks. Only nurses and caregivers meeting Spectrum’s hiring criteria are offered employment. Once employed, staff will receive training from more experienced employees.

Do You Offer On-Call Service?

Yes. Spectrum is on-call and available to you when you need us.

Do You Offer Around-The-Clock Care?

Yes. We know that patients’ needs often carry into the night and we offer 24-hour care to help.

How Do You Ensure Quality of Care & Keep Track of Your Performance?

Spectrum utilizes multiple modalities to ensure that we provide quality services. These modalities include Patient Satisfaction Surveys, Quarterly Chart Audits, Quality Assurance Meetings and Professional Advisory Meetings. In addition, at admission we give patients contact information and welcome feedback from our patients to assure we provide quality care and are meeting your needs.

How is a Personalized Plan of Care Created for the Patient?

First, we meet with the patient and family to gain an understanding of their needs. We take into account whether they were recently released from a hospital or referred for services from their primary care physician/case manager. We develop a suitable plan based on the physician’s orders and patient/family input. Every 60 days, if services are still required, we review the Plan of Care with the family and physician and update the plan accordingly.

What is the Range of Expertise?

All nurses, caregivers, habilitation workers and respite providers undergo competency evaluations to ensure proficiency in the required tasks of their job categories. Nurses are trained and experienced in a variety of healthcare skills, including, but not limited to: IV therapy, enteral feeding, wound care, pediatrics, and diabetic management. We believe in Continuing Education and provide opportunities for staff to attend in-services on timely topics in home health care.

What is Spectrum’s Service Area?

We serve families and patients located throughout Maricopa County.

How Long Has Spectrum Been Serving the Community?

Our devoted professional staff has been caring for Maricopa County families since 2011.

Are You Certified By a National Accrediting Body?

Yes. We are accredited by The Joint Commission, formerly J.A.C.H.O. Accreditation by the nationally recognized, independent organization who
represents our commitment to quality, safety
and effective health care.

Do You Have a Current License to Practice?


Spectrum is a licensed Home Health Agency in the State of Arizona, with licensing granted by the Arizona Department of Health Services. We are, additionally, certified by Medicare and accredited for Home Health by The Joint Commission. Individually, all RNs, LPNs, and CNAs maintain current licensure in their respective fieldsa